Suman Saha

EFIAP/silver, FFIP, Hon. FPPS, Hon.FGNG, Hon.UFS. Hon. PLAAPA.

Suman Saha

A business owner by profession and a post graduate in management. Done basic course in still photography from Chhayapath, Calcutta on 1998, and secured 1st Position in Diploma in photography from the institute. Became a member of the club on the year 2002. Started participation at different international salons from the year 2000 and since then, traveled a long path with a fair share of ups and downs. The major success in photography came through achieving the 1st Prize in Popular Photography magazine of USA in the year 2005. Achieved the first international distinction on the year 2010.Acted as a jury member at 61 international and national salons and 19 institutional contests till date. Currently holding the post of Honorary Treasurer of Federation of Indian Photography.

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