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CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA CALCUTTA considers photography as a very powerful medium of visual art form and believes that to master this subject of complex modern art form or any art form for that matter, a certain amount of in-depth technical knowledge as well as aesthetic is essential. Therefore, in pursuit of their motto to promote photography as a medium of art and in a bid to raise a bunch of art photographers, Education Division of CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA is conducting courses on photography since 1984.

Presently the Basic Course is conducted as per the norms laid down by the Federation of Indian Photography, the central national body of photography in India affiliated to Federation Internationale de la Art Photographique, Paris the apex body for the world art photographers. Basic course is of nine (9) months duration.

CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA conducts this course almost free of charges. CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA levies a meager sum as onetime course fee (see course details) for the entire duration of the course. The courses impart both theoretical and practical in-classroom studies as well as outside-class lecture-demonstration in and around Kolkata.

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CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA members and eminent professionals in the field are utilized to teach the students. Basic course teaches the fundamentals like development of optical principles, lenses, their combinations, cameras, sensors and micro-processors, function of different parts & accessories, and their uses in digital imaging. The latest technology of the photography being very new and in the nascent stage, knowledge of efficient image processing at post-capture is not known to many, therefore, for the benefit of interested photo enthusiast we have also included theory& practical classes on photo-editing software s in the basic course .

It tries students to inculcate the ability to look through the viewfinder a bit differently to assess a situation artistically and visualize the end product. The course stresses upon the practical side of photography, its world in colour, its various branches and brings the students in the arena of vast technical possibilities as well as modern methods of image making where one’s imagination is the only limit. The students have to pass through various project work, theory exams and viva-voce..

CHHAYAPATH, CALCUTTA encourages competitive attitude among the students. They are allowed to exhibit their creations to the public in the annual exhibition and thereby get a chance to participate shoulder to shoulder with their teachers/faculties who are the veteran art photographers on their own right.