Quarterly Print Competition


  • Please submit three Prints of 15/10 or 15/12 size or 18/12 not larger than 18 inches in longest side and smallest side is not less than 10 inches along with soft copies of prints submitted within 6.30 P.M of the said date of contest.
  • Name of the judges will be announced well before the competition
  • Judging of Print Quarterly Contest will be done at Tirthapati Institution.
  • Prints of Quarterly Contest should be submitted within 18:30 Hrs of the contest date.
  • Prints of Quarterly Print Contest should follow the dimension specified below.
  • Longer side should not be larger than 18 inch and shorter side should not be less than 10 inch
  • Criteria for rejection of any submitted works is as follows,
    i.     Submitted in earlier Club Contests (except Fortnight Contest)
    ii.    Same image submitted in both colour and monochrome mode in same
    Or earlier Quarterly Contest
    iii.   Accepted in member’s exhibition.

This function has been disabled for Chhayapath, Calcutta.