Portfolio Competition

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We have observed that currently we are engaged mostly in achieving acceptance based honors from national and international organisations. Those organisations also offer ‘portfolio honors’. Now a days some international salons also including portfolio contests. To participate in such salons (example: FIP photographer of the year) or achieving portfolio honors (FIP-EFIP/g/p, MFIP, ARPS/FRPS, BPSA/SPSA/GPSA, MFIAP etc.) we need practice. With this view, we have already organised two discussion programs on portfolio (by Sri Sushanta Banerjee and Sri S.R.Mondol). Now we are going to start a portfolio contest which will be held quarterly.

Guideline of the above mentioned contest is as follows.

  • Subject matter is open.
  • Each entrant must submit a series of 5 digital images with coherence of any subject matter.
  • The set of images can be submitted either in Monochrome or in Colour and not a mixture of both.
  • The submission must accompany a “Statement of Intent” in not more than 30 words explaining your thought process and objective while creating this set of 5 images.
  • The set should clearly meet the objectives given in the written statement.
  • Your statement should clearly state your intention in choosing the work submitted, in order to enable the Judging Panel to consider your work in a meaningful context.
  • Technical details of the image or camera/lens used should not be included.
  • The “Statement of Intent” should be on a separate file without mentioning any name or ID on it.
  • All images must be in RGB/sRGB colour profile and in JPEG format.
  • The maximum image size is 1920 pixels horizontal and 1280 pixels vertical at 300 dpi.
  • This contest have no relation with other contests (current or previous) of our club.
  • Any image can be submitted for single time in this contest.

Statement of Intent- file Name: Name of author_ Statement of Intent.doc
Image spec: The maximum image size is 1920 pixels horizontal and 1280 pixels vertical at 300 dpi.
Image file Name: Name of author_Serial_Image Title.jpg
Pabitra Sen Sharma_01_ Trees.jpg
Pabitra Sen Sharma_02_ Landscape.jpg
Pabitra Sen Sharma_03_ Evening Hues.jpg

Pabitra Sen Sharma_04_ Village.jpg

Pabitra Sen Sharma_05_ Blissful Town.jpg

Results till date

Here the results of this year FC is going to be published

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