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The story of CHHAYAPATH, Calcutta

A few young enthusiasts in photography from different walks of life used to meet regularly after their daily chores in a bid to give vent to their ideas on contemporary world photography among themselves. They used to dream that like other forerunners in the arena they would some day bear the mantle to promote the photography as a medium of most modern visual art form. They started participating in all national & inter-national salons & exhibitions collectively and obtained enviable success. Encouraged by this, a burning desire started brewing in their hearts to form a Club of their own so as to enable themselves to voice, propagate and promote their ideas on the most modern visual art form through their works world wide. But the group had not even a fixed meeting place. Eldest member of the group Kabiraj Nirmal Chandra Roy came to rescue to be kind enough to provide a shelter for this hapless bunch of dreamers. The club was born in 1983 and christened as ‘CHHAYAPATH, Calcutta’.

CHHAYAPATH, Calcutta has maintained a steady pace of success all through since then. The club with its tremendous organizing ability, wide periphery of activities and achievements in individual photographic excellence has earned a premiere place among the foremost photographic clubs of India & abroad.

According to the norms of the day, a digital international salon was organized in the year 2010 for the first time by the club. At the outset, there was undulation in the minds but by dint of hard labour of the salon committee, the salon ended with quite a success.

CHHAYAPATH, Calcutta started its one year Basic course in 1984 and two year Diploma course in 1987 at a nominal fees and continuing with it till date with its 29th sessions respectively with equal zeal and vigor to proceed with the goal of spreading this medium of art to every walk of the society through the individuals with cultural sophistication. It has its own publications viz. Basic Photography and numerous handouts on the subject those are used as study materials for the courses. The club publishes a magazine named ‘Alokchitram’. The club even has a technical library for the benefit of students and faculties as well. Besides a very well equipped black & white darkroom the club can boast of maintaining an advanced colour processing facilities. With the recent installation of computer the club has stepped into digital imaging era.


142/1,Rashbehari Avenue, (Ground Floor),
Kolkata 700 029.
Tue & Thurs – 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

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B/19-A/H/3, Pratapaditya Road,
Kolkata 700 026.

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